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Who is the Coveter?

Who is the Coveter?

Really this should be “who are the coveters?” since there is more than just one person working on this blog. The Coveter is a group of friends who reside in Southern California and are venturing off to new and exciting places for the summer. We decided to make a blog so that we could share all these places with you. This project is all about collaboration and differing points of views. Because face it, if we all felt the EXACT same way about everything… that’d be a bit boring. Yeah?


Hanna is a nearly seventeen year old girl who loves the latest things and most trends. Hanna is usually found day dreaming about when she’ll move to Paris and launch a clothing collection. But when she’s not lost in a world of possibilities, Hanna is found scouring the world of the blogosphere. With this website, Hanna will share her take on fashion, music, celebrities and of course, what she is coveting.


Alex is a sixteen year old girl who wishes she was in the Hamptons right now for her summer vacation. Alex has a thing about preppy clothing. She’s a bit obsessed with it. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste Polos, Cardigans, Headbands and Raybans. You name it, she’s probably got it. And she wants to share it with you. With this website, Alex wants to show the boys of our life and the inter-web’s what they should be wearing and create new and exciting outfits for every occasion along with some catchy tunes you should be listening to.

More “coveters” coming soon.


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