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Reviews: Forever 21 Floral Wallet

Forever 21 Floral Wallet

I got this floral wallet today after staring at it for a few days on Forever 21’s website. Here is what I think about it:


  • Really cute floral print. It’s very vintage inspired and I love the colors too (it also comes in another set of colors).
  • The main snap is pretty secure (where my money is). And the snap is fun to play with (irrelevant).
  • I love the combination of silver with the print.
  • Tons of card spaces.


  • The second snap part isn’t as secure as the first one and that area is where the cards are…
  • It smells pretty bad (Don’t you smell your stuff before you buy it too?)
  • When the coin area fills up, it makes it hard to shut the main snap (and this is a major problem if you mostly have coins like me)

Overall: I give this wallet a 7/10 sheerly for the fact that it costs $7.50 and it’s pretty darn cute.


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