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Review: The Little Cream Bag

Leatherette Ruffle Purse

I got this purse after deciding it wouldn’t be the brightest idea to tote around my newly acquired Moschino bag everyday. So I went where I go when I need something cheap and chic; (and no I don’t mean I go look at the Moschino Cheap and Chic line because lets face it, while it is chic, it’s not so cheap) I went to the local Forever21. After scouring through their not so organized bag rack, I found a little gem hiding amongst the boring and basic oversized-tote-bags. For $22.80, I couldn’t resist.


  1. Really cute design!
  2. Simple but not boring.
  3. Hasn’t fallen apart yet (minus the little zipper fabric strip attachment)


  1. Pretty small. I can fit a decent amount in (Wallet, phone, some make up and a few other little things).
  2. Gets dirty easily.
  3. Metal studs in front feel lose but haven’t come off yet.

Overall: I give this bag an 8/10 because of it’s affordability and overall cuteness.


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