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Fresh Beats: Bangs


Bangs is a new band from Providence, Rhode Island. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Anders Link of the duo that is Bangs. Anders and Ben Nadler, both 19 and at the Rhode Island School of Design for Film, Video, and Animation and Illustration, have stumbled upon a great sound and style and with their new album there is no doubt that these boys will go far in the music industry. We thought you all should get to know the two as well, so here is our interview with them:

How would you define your style of music?

Ben: We were just trying to create sounds that we wanted to hear. It happened to come out as a really dancey electronic version of folk writing, which I guess was our goal. Any genre we end up committing to is just a result of us trying to satisfy our own personal musical tastes.

How did you get into music?

Anders: I picked up a guitar randomly at my friends house ten years ago and fell in love with the feeling of making music.

Ben: I got a drum set for my birthday in third grade and eventually wanted to try writing songs, so I moved on to piano and guitar.

How did you two meet?

Ben: Anders was friends first with my roommate freshman year I think, and he’d come up to our dorm room all the time. We were friends pretty quickly, it was in like the first week of school.

How and when did you form your band?

Anders: I looked at Ben’s synth and started prying. And then I got his demo and I was like ‘oh shit, this kid and I are going to make music’. Just from listening to his demo, even though it doesn’t sound anything like us now, I guess.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Anders: We spent a week in Vermont, trying to record. We set up a recording studio in a bedroom and didn’t see the light of day the entire time. It was really beautiful outside, and we would get so frustrated and claustrophobic living in this little bedroom, trying to get these songs to sound the way we wanted.

Do you hope to make this band a long-term project?

Ben: Yep.

Who are your biggest influences?

Anders: Michael Stipe and David Byrne.

Ben: Probably James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and Merrill Garbus of Tuneyards. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie There Will Be Blood.

And now for some fashion related questions: How would you define your clothing style?

Anders: I dress like a businessman stuck in a dance club.

Ben: I’d rather just be in my underwear all the time. But when I do that there’s that issue of ladies fainting all the time, you know? Can’t have that, so I have to put pants and a shirt on. A sweater if it’s chilly.

Favorite shopping location?

Anders: h&m and some thrift stores in London.

Ben: There’s a lot of goofy shops in Providence that I like. The coolest clothing store I’ve been to is this tiny place in brooklyn that was too expensive, but I bought a jacket anyway.

The boys have graciously offered up their album for free.

One response

  1. Lauren

    I’ve listened to the CD and love the sound that these guys have produced. Highly recommend this band. Not one too miss!!! Great new sound.

    August 30, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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