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Review: Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

I am home from what was the most fashionable night of my life! Fashion’s Night Out was amazing! Sure it wasn’t NYC but LA knows how to party too.

My friend, and fellow coveter, Michelle and I packed up and left right after school let out to go to Los Angeles. The first place we went to was Decadestwo! The staff is amazing over there! If you are in LA for shopping or just visiting, go check them out!

Michelle is very happy browsing Decadestwo’s 400 dresses for under $400.

Found my dream bag!

Looks like Michelle found her dream bag too!

A cute bartender never hurts.

Ah! Nice prizes!

The very fashionable host of the evening, Owner Christos Garkinos.

Next we headed over to Betsey Johnson, which is just down the road!

Girls getting make up and hair done.

Always shopping!

Gotta love Betsey Johnson.

And gotta love Marc Jacobs.

Yeah. It’s big.

Ahhh! Like a patch of flowers.

I could rock this.

Another stop we made. Theory thanks for being amazing! Loved those crepes! And that one black and white striped sweater with zippers on the shoulder!

THE best chicken pesto crepe makers around.

Then the super swamped Phillip Lim Party.

Very cute clothing!

Some stylish girls at the party.

Yeah… we’re cool : )

Then off we went!


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