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Review: Rosegold’s Oakley Ankle Boot

Rosegold’s Oakley Ankle Boot

I got these babies in the mail today. Sure, they are a little more grunge-ier than I’m used to but I’m sure I’ll figure out how to rock them.

Here are the deets on the shoes:


*Got them for around $60; pretty nice seeing as they were originally $195

*Metallic mixed with suede, just what a dream boot should have

*They can be worn in many different ways: Flap up, flap down, hidden flap, etc.


*They run REALLY small; I got them in an 8.5 (I’m usually a 7.5) after reading the reviews about the snugness (lucky for me they fit but are a little snug still)

*They need to be broken in (A bit stiff)

*They are sold out on Saks, where I got them from, so unfortunately that means it’ll run you around $195 to purchase them

Overall: I love these boots and I can’t wait to wear them around town!

Purchase your own pair at:

Amazon-$195 (Only size 8.5 left)

Endless-$195 (Only size 8.5 left)



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