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Black Friday 2011

Black Friday 2011

“It’s friday, friday, gotta buy Alexander Wang and Zara on friday.”

Not the real lyrics, but I have a feeling that would improve the song. Maybe.

My two (only two?! such restraint!) purchases from this year’s Black Friday:

1) Zara Ankle Booties – Originally $89.90
Black Friday Price: $39.99
2) Alexander Wang Ankle Booties – Originally $650
Black Friday Price: $75.00

I saved $624.91. Success.

What did you buy on Black Friday?


Getting Prepped: La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Getting Prepped: La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Blazer: Pinkyotto

Shirt: Alternative

Dress: T by Alexander Wang

“Necklace” (really part of the Prada bag): Prada

Bag: Prada

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell x LF

My outfit for the first day of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

The Prada bag I thrifted today for $60! Score!

Being Thrifty: November 10th

“Does it still count as being thrifty when you want to buy everything in sight?”

This is the question that I asked myself while I was obsessing over everything I found in my new favorite store. I’ll discuss the store itself in a later post, hopefully I’ll be able to grab an interview with the owner!

This is what I got:


Dark Gray Vest

Gray Lining (Very comfy!)



Black Skirt With A Pleated Top

Cute Details!



Olive Green (though the pic doesn't show it) Skirt

Yellow Escada Vintage Pants


I’m going back soon to buy a great Versace skirt I found!!!