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Review: CFDA’s You Can’t Fake Fashion Bag

You Can’t Fake Fashion Bag (Or Can You?)

I was expecting this. I got this:

The fact that it was “Made in China” kind of seems ironic. If you are trying to fight against counterfeiting, why would you make the bag in China, one of the top producers of knock-offs? These bags should’ve been made in America, since the CFDA is the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

The huge tag.

As an aside, the quality of the bag isn’t fantastic. But for $35, and ebay, I can’t expect too much.


Gardens, and Villas, and People, Oh My!

Foster the People with Garden and Villa

Tonight Alex and I (Hanna) went to see Foster the People at the House of Blues. We didn’t know what to expect of the opening act, having never really heard of them or their music before. We came away from the first set pleasantly surprised.

Garden and Villa, from Santa Barbara, were able to blow a crowd, of over four-hundred people, away with flute playing. ‘Nuff said. Plus their soothing vocals and sweet melodies make for a nice overall sound. We can definitely see a Garden and even a Villa in our future! Be sure to check out their first album which dropped July 5th.

We both had come to love Foster the People long before tonight; Alex through a remix, wanting to hear the original and myself by accidental youtube-bliss. While “Pumped Up Kicks” is this summer’s anthem, Foster the People is not a one-hit-wonder. With tracks like “Helena Beat” and “Houdini” (both “H” starting titles=automatic-love for Hanna), Foster the People will be “fostering” our ears with amazing music for many years to come.

Even though it was”warrant”-ed (pun?…) that this concert was going to be spectacular, we were pleased to rediscover our new favorite band via a packed house, puking underage chicks, and surfer boys trying to steal our seats. While our seats could’ve been better (House of Blues **cough cough**), we couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Check out Foster the People when they come to Soma in October. We’ll be there, how about you?

Review: Alice+Olivia Floral Dress

Alice+Olivia Floral Dress

Detail of the print:

Flower Power!

I don’t think I could love this dress more than I do now! It’s retro-fantastic!
This dress is like combing Andy Warhol’s famous floral prints with 1950s housewife couture!



(A.k.a the best combo ever!)


Photo Review: Independence Jam 2011

Independence Jam 2011 Wrap Up

So I went to Independence Jam 2011 yesterday and saw some amazing bands. Unfortunately Lykke Li couldn’t come because of an illness but the line up still was great.

What I wore:

Gallery of pictures I took at the show (Click to enlarge):

Review: Rosegold’s Oakley Ankle Boot

Rosegold’s Oakley Ankle Boot

I got these babies in the mail today. Sure, they are a little more grunge-ier than I’m used to but I’m sure I’ll figure out how to rock them.

Here are the deets on the shoes:


*Got them for around $60; pretty nice seeing as they were originally $195

*Metallic mixed with suede, just what a dream boot should have

*They can be worn in many different ways: Flap up, flap down, hidden flap, etc.


*They run REALLY small; I got them in an 8.5 (I’m usually a 7.5) after reading the reviews about the snugness (lucky for me they fit but are a little snug still)

*They need to be broken in (A bit stiff)

*They are sold out on Saks, where I got them from, so unfortunately that means it’ll run you around $195 to purchase them

Overall: I love these boots and I can’t wait to wear them around town!

Purchase your own pair at:

Amazon-$195 (Only size 8.5 left)

Endless-$195 (Only size 8.5 left)


Review: San Francisco Shopping

San Francisco Shopping

The main area that I attacked, while shopping in San Francisco, was Union Square.

I went to Neiman Marcus and had lunch with my friend Yael.

I tried on some very expensive dresses… for fun. But I fell in love with this one:

Luckily I found a similar dress at Zara… for 1/30th of the other dress’s price.

I fell in love with many things on this trip:

Miu Miu flats.

Great food at The Grove.

Maiden Lane.

Harputs OWN’s amazing clothing. I was lucky enough to purchase one of their Black Nylon Swackets, which can be worn multiple ways:

I had so much fun on this trip and I can’t wait to go back to San Francisco again!


Review: Pre-Fall Collections 2011

Pre-Fall Collections 2011

While some, Michael Kors **cough cough**, are worrying about the name “Pre-Fall”, all a designer should really be focusing on is what is going into their collection, that takes place before the fall/winter season.

And although he doesn’t necessarily like the word “Pre-Fall”, Michael Kors knows what that time of the year should look like.

Rag & Bone, the british duo who were featured on the CW’s Fashion Foward: Making It:

Oscar de la Renta, one of my favorite older gentlemen, went the colorful route:

Overall I love the collections for this season! If you want to check out  all of them, that are up so far, for yourself, the link is here. Enjoy browsing!

Review: Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week



Picture by Hanna (Taken in Paris in Spring 2010)


Oh mon dieu! Fashion week in the amazing city of Paris has just ended, leaving all of us fashion lovers dreaming fondly about the next season’s shows. Paris fashion week contained many of my faves such as Miu Miu, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. Some of these favorites disappointed me a bit. Like Miu Miu for example.

Miu Miu

And it didn’t get better from there. Oh Miu Miu…. Last Spring/Summer was so amazing! What happened?

Louis Vuitton

Yikes. Kinda looks like the bedbugs escaped from NYC and took a route through China before arriving in Paris. However, Louis Vuitton didn’t totally disappoint me.


After the tragic loss of Alexander McQueen’s Lee McQueen, many thought the magic of the brand would be gone forever. Sarah Burton, the brand’s new designer, is bringing the magic back.

Alexander McQueen



College Trippin’: My Northeast Adventure

A Girl’s (And About Thirty-Seven of Her Classmates) Journey to the Northeast to Find THE College

My tale began at the very fashionable hour of 5:45 am. We left the West coast to go Northeast to find ourselves perhaps in the land where preppy is normal and dressing up everyday is common. I must say I fell in love. After visiting a few colleges, and crossing them off my list, I was able to narrow down what I really wanted in a university; Urban, small (but not TOO small) and a place where I could get started on my major and career right away.

But enough about college and stressing out over SATs! Here’s what fashion I picked up from the Northeast:

1. Longchamp, Longchamp, Longchamp and oh…. Longchamp.

Longchamp is EVERYWHERE now. And it’s taking over the colleges by storm! (Taken at Boston College)

2. The sheer number of amazing bags astounds me.

3. New York, Concrete Jungle Where Everything Is Amazingly Fashionable.

Overall this trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go to college on the Northeast. See you soon Northeast!

Review: Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

I am home from what was the most fashionable night of my life! Fashion’s Night Out was amazing! Sure it wasn’t NYC but LA knows how to party too.

My friend, and fellow coveter, Michelle and I packed up and left right after school let out to go to Los Angeles. The first place we went to was Decadestwo! The staff is amazing over there! If you are in LA for shopping or just visiting, go check them out!

Michelle is very happy browsing Decadestwo’s 400 dresses for under $400.

Found my dream bag!

Looks like Michelle found her dream bag too!

A cute bartender never hurts.

Ah! Nice prizes!

The very fashionable host of the evening, Owner Christos Garkinos.

Next we headed over to Betsey Johnson, which is just down the road!

Girls getting make up and hair done.

Always shopping!

Gotta love Betsey Johnson.

And gotta love Marc Jacobs.

Yeah. It’s big.

Ahhh! Like a patch of flowers.

I could rock this.

Another stop we made. Theory thanks for being amazing! Loved those crepes! And that one black and white striped sweater with zippers on the shoulder!

THE best chicken pesto crepe makers around.

Then the super swamped Phillip Lim Party.

Very cute clothing!

Some stylish girls at the party.

Yeah… we’re cool : )

Then off we went!