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Review: The Little Cream Bag

Leatherette Ruffle Purse

I got this purse after deciding it wouldn’t be the brightest idea to tote around my newly acquired Moschino bag everyday. So I went where I go when I need something cheap and chic; (and no I don’t mean I go look at the Moschino Cheap and Chic line because lets face it, while it is chic, it’s not so cheap) I went to the local Forever21. After scouring through their not so organized bag rack, I found a little gem hiding amongst the boring and basic oversized-tote-bags. For $22.80, I couldn’t resist.


  1. Really cute design!
  2. Simple but not boring.
  3. Hasn’t fallen apart yet (minus the little zipper fabric strip attachment)


  1. Pretty small. I can fit a decent amount in (Wallet, phone, some make up and a few other little things).
  2. Gets dirty easily.
  3. Metal studs in front feel lose but haven’t come off yet.

Overall: I give this bag an 8/10 because of it’s affordability and overall cuteness.


Reviews: American Apparel “Haul”

American Apparel Haul

Today I went to American Apparel, against my better judgement due to their current employee scandal, and got a few things.

Striped Mid Length Pocket Tee $26

Black Disco Pants $78

Black Disco Pants $78

The Circular Pullover $40

Navy Rouched Front Tube Bra $11


  • Really cute stuff!
  • Basics are best!
  • Great colors and material!


  • The Prices (eek)
  • The employees and the company (nuff said)

Overall I think today’s haul was pretty successful! I could’ve done without the almost $170 total… but other than that I’m pretty satisfied!

Items to Be Coveted(?): The Remington Wet2Straight Straightener

The Remington Wet2Straight Straightener

Yesterday I discovered something, something new, exciting and I had to have it. Unfortunately at CVS at around 1pm yesterday, my parents didn’t feel the same way… So I got to researching online! I had to have a wet to dry straightener! A wet to dry straightener “claims” it takes your hair from pretty damp to dry and straightens it at the same time. Saving you the time that you spend on drying and straightening your hair. Sounds too good to be true? Well most are. After searching and searching for a functional wet to dry straightener, I came upon the Remington Wet2Straight model. It has three major settings, one for when your hair is dry, damp and wet (though you probably should towel dry your hair a lot before you use the straightener). And at Ulta, it’ll only cost you $25. Remember, always put heat protectant on your hair before you use any straightener. Many people recommend using the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray.

I’m going to get this straightener and heat protectant this week, so the review will be up shortly.

Reviews: Urban Outfitters “Haul”

Urban Outfitters Haul

Today I (Hanna) went with my friend Frances to the new Urban Outfitters near my house. It is amazing. The outside is crazy awesome; metal mixed with clean wood. Inside is huge! And there was a great selection to pick from. I went into the dressing room with 11 items in my arms, the guy there was like “oh no worries, I’ve seen someone go in with over 30”.  So this is what I got:

What can I say? I love this print! ($38)

I’ve been searching all over for a great lace top and now I found one! On sale too! ($9.99)
Cute, simple and comfy! : ) Got this in blue and black ($9.99)
Super cute gray shorts; perfect for warm weather ($39)

What I think about Urban Outfitters:


  • Really cute clothing! Tons of options.
  • Great store look! Everything (interior design wise) about the store is really nice.
  • Nicely dressed sales people. It’s refreshing to see well-dressed employees.


  • The prices. Eeek! Still not as bad as other stores but since most of it isn’t major labels, the price is a bit much.
  • “Sales”. I was lucky to find some nice stuff for sale this time at Urban Outfitters but most of the time, the sale section is not so impressive.
  • The employees. No one ever came over to ask me if I needed help or if I wanted a dressing room, which I find is normal in most clothing stores (even at Forever 21).

Overall: I believe this was one of my most successful trips to Urban Outfitters and I can’t wait to go to this particular store again.