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Vintage Boots

Vintage Boots

Since clothing, shoes, etc. from the 90s are now considered “vintage,” my new early-1990s made boots are “vintage” too.

Purchased from ASOS Marketplace (E-Vintage Store)


Happy Fourth of July!

Summer Lovin’

 Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin’ 

The perfect vintage-inspired outfit for those “summer nights”.

Alice Olivia antique dress
$550 330 –
Tory Burch leather flat
129 EUR –
Forever21 sunglasses
$5.80 –

Summertime and the Living’s Easy

Summertime and the Living’s Easy

Welcome back summer! I have missed you! It’s finally June and that means no school and more time to devote to The Coveter! Why does this affect you? I am upping the ante. More posts. More pictures. More Music. And more “D.I.Why Not” along with “Being Thrifty” and “Items to Be Coveted!” Get ready. This summer is going to be a blast!

Spring Break 2011: Italy

Spring Break 2011


I’ll be in Milan on Wednesday! Stay tuned for blog posts!

New Header: Winter Season

New Year. New Header.

Thank you Kelly for making another header for The Coveter!

Happy New Year!

Bon Voyage!: Off to San Francisco

San Fran

The Golden Gate Bridge

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco!! I’m so excited to go! I’ll try to update what I’m up to while I’m there. It’ll be a short trip so I won’t be gone for long and, unfortunately, the weather is going to be non-stop rain. I’m off to pack!

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It’s Good To Be Back

Back from the East Coast

I’m baaaackkk. Oh man! It has been awhile! But I’m back and ready to start up again! I’ve been in Rhode Island for the past six weeks living it up. Expect a new post soon!


Hey guys I hate to do this but I have to go on a hiatus until I return from the east coast in August.