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Gardens, and Villas, and People, Oh My!

Foster the People with Garden and Villa

Tonight Alex and I (Hanna) went to see Foster the People at the House of Blues. We didn’t know what to expect of the opening act, having never really heard of them or their music before. We came away from the first set pleasantly surprised.

Garden and Villa, from Santa Barbara, were able to blow a crowd, of over four-hundred people, away with flute playing. ‘Nuff said. Plus their soothing vocals and sweet melodies make for a nice overall sound. We can definitely see a Garden and even a Villa in our future! Be sure to check out their first album which dropped July 5th.

We both had come to love Foster the People long before tonight; Alex through a remix, wanting to hear the original and myself by accidental youtube-bliss. While “Pumped Up Kicks” is this summer’s anthem, Foster the People is not a one-hit-wonder. With tracks like “Helena Beat” and “Houdini” (both “H” starting titles=automatic-love for Hanna), Foster the People will be “fostering” our ears with amazing music for many years to come.

Even though it was”warrant”-ed (pun?…) that this concert was going to be spectacular, we were pleased to rediscover our new favorite band via a packed house, puking underage chicks, and surfer boys trying to steal our seats. While our seats could’ve been better (House of Blues **cough cough**), we couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Check out Foster the People when they come to Soma in October. We’ll be there, how about you?