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Spring Break Wrap Up: Photo Post

Spring Break Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a good spring break!

Here are some photos from mine:


Check out my flickr for more pictures!


Review: Pre-Fall Collections 2011

Pre-Fall Collections 2011

While some, Michael Kors **cough cough**, are worrying about the name “Pre-Fall”, all a designer should really be focusing on is what is going into their collection, that takes place before the fall/winter season.

And although he doesn’t necessarily like the word “Pre-Fall”, Michael Kors knows what that time of the year should look like.

Rag & Bone, the british duo who were featured on the CW’s Fashion Foward: Making It:

Oscar de la Renta, one of my favorite older gentlemen, went the colorful route:

Overall I love the collections for this season! If you want to check out  all of them, that are up so far, for yourself, the link is here. Enjoy browsing!

Photo Shoots: Fowler’s Shoot Part II

Fowler’s Photo Shoot Part II

All clothing is from Fowler’s (Located in Solana Beach, CA). Part II is coming soon!

Photos by Hanna (of The Coveter)

Photo Shoot: Fowler’s Shoot Part I

Fowler’s Photo Shoot Part I

All clothing is from Fowler’s (Located in Solana Beach, CA). Part II is coming soon!

Photos by Hanna (of The Coveter)

Welcome. Hello.

Welcome to the Coveter. This is what you have to look forward to:

The Coveter- A Website to Satisfy All of Your Window Shopping Needs


Dream Outfits

What to wear when you are (traveling to Paris, going to the beach, moving from one house to another and more)

Street Fashion

East Coast, West Coast, International

Items to Be Coveted

Stuff that we want (Some realistic, most unrealistic)


After we buy, we tell you what we thought

Photo shoots

Editorial, video shoots

Closet Raiders

Raiding stylish peoples’ closets

Critic’s Corner

What we think of the latest shows


What You Should Be Listening To

New artists, old artists

Our Playlists

Each one of us creates a playlist

Music Videos

Awesome, possibly fashion related, music videos

People We Love

Our Boys

Famous boys that are on and off the market

People in the Business

Fashion designers, models, photographers, etc.

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