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Items to Be Coveted: Foxy Jeffrey Campbells

Jeffrey Campbell’s Foxy Platform Sandals

“I’m Foxy Cleopatra…. and I’m a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN!”

Like Beyonce’s character from Austin Powers’ Goldmember, this platform is a whole lotta shoe. Towering above the ground with a five and a half inch heel, and a two inch platform, this shoe takes sandals to a new height.

This shoe is the perfect 70’s style addition for any closet.

The Foxy Platform comes in a wide range of colors, textures (suede, sparkled,etc) and prices ($90-$145).

Where to buy yours:

Nasty Gal



On the Streets: The American Flag

The American Flag

Source: Nasty Gal

The American Flag (or the Flag of the United States) is an iconic image. Until recently, the flag represented the citizens and states inside of the nation. Now the flag is being used as a print for the world of street fashion.


Jeffrey Campbell's Stars and Stripes Lita Shoe

Irregular Choice's Chica Chola Flag Shoe


Topshop's MOTO Vintage Wash Stars and Stripes High Waisted Hotpants


ASOS's USA Flowers Flag Tank

 What do you think of this trend?

Getting Prepped: La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Getting Prepped: La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Blazer: Pinkyotto

Shirt: Alternative

Dress: T by Alexander Wang

“Necklace” (really part of the Prada bag): Prada

Bag: Prada

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell x LF

My outfit for the first day of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

The Prada bag I thrifted today for $60! Score!

Items to Be Coveted: Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita

Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita

The Lita is everywhere! On the blogs, on and on the streets in my town! The shoes are intriguing; a throw back to the platforms of the 70s. The Lita comes in so many colors and furs (leopard is one of them). As for comfort, I have yet to try them on but since there is a 2 inch inner support in the front of the shoe, to counterbalance the 5 inch heel, I’m sure they are fine to walk in.

If you want to check the Lita out for yourself, head down to your local LF store or buy online!

People We Love: Asami of Pink Kitten

Asami of Pink Kitten

This girl is my new idol. I had no idea that in this world there was someone as addicted, or even more addicted, to Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes as I am. Even though she lives many many miles away, I feel a connection with her over our shared love for JC. While her collection grows, so does her amazing blog. Each new shoe has a new post which makes for a very covetable read. Maybe one of these days I too will have to make a new closet big enough to hold a huge collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Items to Be Coveted: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

There’s no use in hiding my addiction to Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The man is a genius. His shoes are more than just a separation between your feet and the ground. They’re works of art. With almost any heel height you could want, Jeffrey Campbell has successfully broken into the footwear world by providing the biggest variety of “art” for feet. And the prices aren’t that bad either.

You can buy any of these shoes picture above at Need Supply Co.