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College Trippin’: My Northeast Adventure

A Girl’s (And About Thirty-Seven of Her Classmates) Journey to the Northeast to Find THE College

My tale began at the very fashionable hour of 5:45 am. We left the West coast to go Northeast to find ourselves perhaps in the land where preppy is normal and dressing up everyday is common. I must say I fell in love. After visiting a few colleges, and crossing them off my list, I was able to narrow down what I really wanted in a university; Urban, small (but not TOO small) and a place where I could get started on my major and career right away.

But enough about college and stressing out over SATs! Here’s what fashion I picked up from the Northeast:

1. Longchamp, Longchamp, Longchamp and oh…. Longchamp.

Longchamp is EVERYWHERE now. And it’s taking over the colleges by storm! (Taken at Boston College)

2. The sheer number of amazing bags astounds me.

3. New York, Concrete Jungle Where Everything Is Amazingly Fashionable.

Overall this trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go to college on the Northeast. See you soon Northeast!